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Florida Sun is Dangerous, How to Protect your Skin from Damage

Living in Florida, we get plenty of sun which means plenty of Vitamin D! Vitamin D is naturally produced when the sunlight reaches your skin and it’s essential to stay healthy. In order for your organs and cells to function properly your body requires around 600 IU daily. This is easily obtained through 15-25 minutes of sunlight exposure, but sun exposure should be monitored and sunscreen is a MUST! If you’ve been getting your sun time in, you’re helping your body prevent many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, MS, osteoporosis and psoriasis!

With all these benefits it’s also important to consider the other outdoor factors that can affect your body, particularly your skin. Everyday environmental factors such as sunlight, smog, pollution and stress can leave you feeling listless despite having your daily dose of Vitamin D. All of these factors can also age your skin, which is why we developed our Environmental Shield®Vitamin C Facial. Our scientifically proven spa facial has been designed to reverse the signs of aging that result from these factors. Rich in antioxidants including Vitamin C, our facial spa treatment features patented Murad® infusion technology, which delivers pure Vitamin C directly to the skin to maximize wrinkle fighting, collagen production and free radical protection. Pigmentation will fade, fine lines and wrinkles will be smooth, and you will enjoy clearer skin.

Prevention is the best medicine, and even if your skin is not showing the signs of sun damage there is never a better time than now to start a preventative skincare regimen. Stop in today or visit to learn more about what you can to to protect your skin while living the the sunshine state!

Protecting Your Skin From Summer Rays

With summer rolling to an end, it’s time to get in those last minute trips to the beach. For some, this involves soaking up as many rays as possible. With temperatures hotter than ever, it’s important to protect yourself from any type of skin damage. Sunburns aren’t the only way the sun can damage your skin. Prolonged sun exposure also causes brown spots, red scaly spots, dry wrinkly skin, and skin cancer. Most of us get lazy when it comes to protecting our skin, but it’s important to protect our skin under the scorching heat of the sun.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to cover up. If you’re at the beach or the pool, stay under a big umbrella. If you’re desperate to cool off in the water, consider wearing a big hat and a long-sleeved shirt. The sun’s rays are the most powerful between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so it’s crucial to stay covered during these hours.

It’s also important to make sure you apply sunscreen. A thick coat of SPF 15 (at the very minimum) will reduce the harmful rays of the sun by 50 percent. If you’ll be going in the water, waterproof sunscreen works best! Be sure to apply 20 to 30 minutes before you go out in the sun, and reapply it every two hours. If you have fair skin, or are sweating or swimming, you should reapply more often. To be extra cautious, apply a layer of sunscreen before bed. This allows it to be thoroughly absorbed into the skin before going outside.

Another great idea for skin protection is to get a Vitamin C Facial. This scientifically proven spa facial was made specifically to reverse the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  The included antioxidants also help to reduce effects from smog, pollution, and stress. The facial provides pure Vitamin C directly to the skin to maximize protection. You can also purchase a Radiant Skin Renewal Kit. This helps to fade sun spots and age spots.

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