before massage

Make the Most of your Massage

From the American Massage Therapy Association, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your massage:

  • Be on time, or better yet, early. Don’t arrive rushed or frenzied, instead come in a few minutes early and begin your relaxation process.
  • Don’t eat a huge meal beforehand.
  • Communicate. Clothes on or off; what you want out of the massage; room temperature; lighting. Don’t hesitate to speak up.
  • Keep breathing. It may sound ridiculous, but many people hold their breath while a sensitive area is getting massaged. Keep this in mind to remind yourself to breath and relax your body.
  • Clear your mind. Focus on how the touch feels, you will get more of an experience this way.
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards. Also, if possible, find some quiet time in your favorite spot to absorb the results of your session.