National Staying Healthy Month



In honor of National Staying Healthy Month, let us tell you about total body care:

Life in general takes a toll on our bodies every single day. PTA meetings, soccer games, dentist appointments, work, school and everything in between, we are constantly on the move. Its on us to stop and hit the pause button. Taking a pause on the daily grind is an essential part of life.

Massage Envy can help. Let us help you take care of your body. Getting a massage or facial shouldn’t be a luxury. A regular massage can give your body the room it needs to stay healthy and nourished for a better life. A regular facial isn’t just maintenance for your skin. It will leave you with results that can be everlasting to your face.

The next time you need a break from this thing called life, let us be your partner in managing your body.

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5 Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy Through The Holiday Season



Drink Lots of Water

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and because of that people tend to drink more alcohol. In order to stay healthy it’s important to make sure you’re drinking tons of water to stay hydrated! Get in the habit of filling up a bottle of water in the morning and making sure you finish it by the end of the day.

Wash Your Hands

The single biggest threat to your health is the germs on your hands! Whether your traveling or just doing some last minute shopping, make sure to keep some hand sanitizer with you at all times! No one wants to be sick on the holidays.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Eat what you are looking forward to the most, but make sure it’s in moderation! Don’t over indulge yourself in all the dessert. It’s important you are getting enough of the vitamins you need. You’re going to need all the extra energy!

 Stay Active

We have the tendency of putting fitness on hold around the holidays. If you are unable to make it to the gym, take 20 minutes out of your day and go for a walk or a job around the neighborhood. Do this 2 or 3 times a week and you won’t gain that access weight you are over-thinking about!

 Controlling Stress

Treating yourself to a massage or a hot bath could be the thing you need to stay relaxed. We seem to get so caught up in the holidays that we forget the important things like taking care of YOU. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take some time for yourself and enjoy alone time. You’ll thank yourself later.

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you! Stay tuned for our next blog post and make sure that every week, you are able to enjoy some ME time.

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What’s Your Because Moment?

Whatever your reason may be, you know that you can always come to Massage Envy to enjoy some ‘ME’ time! We will help you manage the side effects of this beautiful thing we call living and help you feel your best every day.

Our therapists are here to alleviate every ache, pain or stress-no matter how small-because we agree on one thing: The good life should actually feel that way. There are  infinite reasons in our daily routines to take care of ourselves. At Massage Envy, we believe that we are part of your well-being journey. It’s time to take care of you!

So join us!  Share with us your #BecauseMoment across our social media pages and tell us why you’re part of the Massage Envy family.

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you!

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5 Foods to Boost Your Mood Naturally

Studies have shown that the food we eat has chemical effects on our body depending on its properties. For example, you might notice that constantly consuming certain artificial foods gets you moody, tired, or anxious. Feeling like this prevents you from performing at optimal levels and enjoying your days. Let’s restore our bodies to their natural feel-good chemistry levels by learning the types of food that we can incorporate to our diet that will help us smile and build better brain health.


Consuming mussels will provide your body with much-needed vitamin B12. This will help preserve your brain cells, keeping your mind sharp even as you grow older. The nutrients found in mussels will also help balance your mood and keep your thyroid healthy.

Swiss Chard

This food will provide magnesium to your body, which is essential for the proper conduction of the biochemical reactions in your brain and boosting your energy levels.

Blue Potatoes

Blue potatoes are rich in anthocyanins, which are very powerful antioxidants that will help you improve your short-term memory and reduce inflammation. If you are having a hard time finding blue potatoes on the supermarket you frequently shop at, stop by your local farmer’s market where you might be able to find them more easily.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate can help you feel more vibrant and energized because it improves blood flow to the brain. It will also help with concentration and mood. Make sure you stick with the darkest (highest percentage of cocoa) organic chocolate variety that you can, since milk chocolate tends to be high in sugar.

Mood-boosting food dark chocolate

Grass-Fed Lamb 

If your protein has been grass-feed, it will provide your body with conjugated linoleic acid and iron, which will help you moderate stress hormones, protect your brain cells and reduce inflammation-promoting belly fat.

(Source: www.rodalesorganiclife.com/food/brain-food )

National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month! Most of us experience stress on a daily basis, but it’s important to understand the affect stress has on our body. The daily stress we experience cause our bodies attack us. Our limbic brain takes over and shuts down all body systems which don’t help us fight or flee danger. This causes our body to always be on high alert. Our adrenaline levels don’t decrease. Our digestive, reproductive, and immune systems aren’t turned back on. This ends in a host of autoimmune, reproductive, and digestive issues.

Here are some great ways to reduce stress levels:

Stress Fighting Foods- Healthy, whole foods are great for fighting stress. Reaching for sugar or caffeine at the first sign of stress can actually decrease our body’s ability to combat stress. Leafy greens, avocados, and blueberries are out favorite stress fighting foods.

Take a Break- Go for a walk, read a book, or take a bath. It’s important to make some time to unwind and get your mind off all the constantly stress.

Get a Massage- Massage is one of the best ways to reduce stress. They can immediately lift your mood and help with anxiety, irritability, anger, and more.

What is your favorite way to reduce stress?

Seasonal Produce Picks

Ever wonder why you can’t find your favorite produce in stock? Or why sometimes your favorite kind of fruit looks more fresh than others? There’s a possibility it’s because it’s in or out of season. While many times popular fruits and vegetables are available year round, they’re most flavorful when they’re in season. Follow this easy guide below to find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season:


How To Store Fruit

Fridge, pantry? 1 week or 2? Do you know the proper way to store your groceries? Where to store fruits and how long they stay good for can be tricky to remember. And nobody likes throwing away rotten food! Use this guide below to help:

Apple: store in your refrigerator drawer, unwrapped, for up to 3 weeks

Citrus: store on your refrigerator shelf, unwrapped (wrap if halved), for up to 2 weeks (2-3 days if halved)

Berries: store in your refrigerator drawer, uncovered in a vented container, for 3-5 days

Peach/Plum: store on your counter top to ripen (refrigerator shelf once ripe), unwrapped, for 5 days once ripe

Melon: store on your counter top, unwrapped, 5 days once ripe

Tomatoes: store on your counter top, unwrapped in a vented container, for 5 days

Grapes: store in your refrigerator drawer, in a vented container (or bag), for 1-2 weeks