4 Ways to Unwind Before Bedtime


How often to you think to yourself during the day about how tired you are, and you can’t quite wait until you can finally go home and go to sleep? Of course, by the time you get home and ready for bed you realize your mind is not ready to go sleep, leaving you wide awake for countless hours. Here are a few tips to unwind and relax your mind to get a better sleep.

  1. Turn off the screens
    The key to unwinding your mind before bed is to turn off your screens. Whether it is the television, cellphone, tablet etc.- these bright lights makes it hard for the body to switch to sleep mode.
  2. Write down stress or worries
    If you lay in bed and think about what needs to be done the next day make a list before going to bed to help clear your mind when it is actually bedtime.
  3. Stretching Before Laying Down
    Especially after a long and busy day your body can become sore and tense leaving it hard to get a restful night sleep. By spending a few minutes before bed stretching and breathing it will relax your mind and body as you prepare to go to sleep.
  4. Take a warm bath or shower
    This by far not only unwinds your mind but also relaxes your whole body before bed. By leaving the warm water to the cold temperature this helps your body and mind prepare to sleep mode.

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