Month: February 2015

Seasonal Produce Picks

Ever wonder why you can’t find your favorite produce in stock? Or why sometimes your favorite kind of fruit looks more fresh than others? There’s a possibility it’s because it’s in or out of season. While many times popular fruits and vegetables are available year round, they’re most flavorful when they’re in season. Follow this easy guide below to find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season:


How To Store Fruit

Fridge, pantry? 1 week or 2? Do you know the proper way to store your groceries? Where to store fruits and how long they stay good for can be tricky to remember. And nobody likes throwing away rotten food! Use this guide below to help:

Apple: store in your refrigerator drawer, unwrapped, for up to 3 weeks

Citrus: store on your refrigerator shelf, unwrapped (wrap if halved), for up to 2 weeks (2-3 days if halved)

Berries: store in your refrigerator drawer, uncovered in a vented container, forĀ 3-5 days

Peach/Plum: store on your counter top to ripen (refrigerator shelf once ripe), unwrapped, for 5 days once ripe

Melon: store on your counter top, unwrapped, 5 days once ripe

Tomatoes: store on your counter top, unwrapped in a vented container, for 5 days

Grapes: store in your refrigerator drawer, in a vented container (or bag), for 1-2 weeks