Month: November 2014

Healthy Thanksgiving Swaps

The holidays always seem to be the times when it’s easiest to get off track on eating healthy. This year, that doesn’t have to be the case! With these quick and easy Thanksgiving dinner swaps, you can stay on track and have a healthy, yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Swap your fried turkey for a grilled turkey- not only is this healthier, but it will also free-up some much needed oven space.

2. Swap mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower- get the light and fluffy texture of heavily buttered mashed potatoes for way less calories.

3. Bake your stuffing in muffin tins- this will help you control portion sizes and makes for a presentation your family and guests will be impressed with.

4. Swap sweet potatoes with marshmallows for sweet potatoes with goat cheese and chives- this simple swap will cut out tons of processed tasteless calories.

5. Swap the canned cranberry for real cranberry sauce- not only is the real thing more delicious, it’s also way healthier too.

What changes are you making this year to have a healthier Thanksgiving dinner?

Green Juice Recipe

Mix and match your ingredients, and get a new juice every time! Grab your juicer and ingredients, and let’s go.

Base Options: (pick one or both)

1. Celery
2. Cucumber

Green Leafs: (pick at least one)

1. Romaine
2. Kale
3. Spinach
4. Collards
5. Cabbage
6. Dandelion
7. Arugula

Fruit: (pick at least one)

1. Green apple
2. Green pear
3. Lemon
4. Lime
5. Grapefruit
6. Kiwi

Other optional goodies:

1. Chia seeds
2. Broccoli stems
3. Sprouts
4. Ginger root
5. Cayenne pepper
6. Wheatgrass shot
7. E3 Live

Happy Juicing!