Month: December 2012

The Benefits of Fresh Juice vs Store Bought

Fresh juice has been a hot topic recently, and for many good reasons!

The argument for freshly squeezed juice is simple; Fresh juice contains more nutrients and no added sugars or preservatives. Those added sugars are adding inches to your waistline, and giving you loads of empty calories. Store bought juices also contain fewer nutrients than fresh juices, so you’re not getting the goodness your body needs. Fresh juice contains loads of living enzymes which assist with digestion and absorption of all the goodies packed into a freshly squeezed glass of juice. Fresh juices contain no artificial flavors or colors which can compromise nutrient value.

To start reaping the benefits of fresh juice,  invest in a juicer and purchase fresh fruits and veggies! You should try to juice as many vegetables as you do fruits, trying different combinations to figure out what you like best. Feel free to experiment with vegetables you normally eat, broccoli and cucumber juices are great!

The road to good health includes a healthy diet, exercise, and good stress management. To boost your health and relaxation, consider getting a massage. Happy Juicing!

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