Preparing for your First Massage

There are many reasons why we choose to get a massage. Maybe it’s been a stressful week, perhaps a loved one has given you one as a gift, or maybe there’s an awful knot in your neck that you can’t seem to get rid of. No matter what the reason, we all could use time to relax and get pampered with a therapeutic massage. Below are some steps you should follow prior to your first massage.

  1. Research the type of massage you will get to meet your expectations.
  2. Most spas have a website explaining the different benefits of the massages they offer, so find a location to fit your needs.
  3. Schedule a massage based on a time frame where you will not be worrying about meetings, work, etc. This will keep you in a relaxed state before and after your massage.
  4. On your way to the spa, dress comfortably. You will be removing your clothes beforehand. If you are a bit shy, don’t worry. You will be partially covered at all times needing only to expose prime areas such as back, arms and legs.
  5. Some suggest hydrating before a massage, but it is better not to load up on fluids prior to, but rather after the massage to prevent any dehydration.
  6. Lastly, relax and enjoy.

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