Getting a massage while you’re pregnant can provide you with plenty of physical benefits. The therapists at Massage Envy will work to enhance your lymphatic system, remove toxins, increase your immunity, stabilize hormone levels, and balance your glandular system. Keeping your hormone levels stable is an important health benefit because when hormone levels change, the woman faces an increased chance of falling into depression or experiencing anxiety during her pregnancy.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits you can gain from a massage throughout your pregnancy:

  • First Trimester:
    • Headache relief
    • Alleviate Morning Sickness
  • Second Trimester:
    • Backache relief
    • Leg cramp relief
  • Third Trimester
    • Reduce swelling/edema
    • Relieve pain from varicosities
    • Enhance sleep
    • Prepare pelvic muscles for birth process


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